[TW for Rape]: One Night at Asssscat, or What to Do With a Date Rape Monologue

Having raised his hand and been chosen by the performers on stage to tell a story, the audience member in question begins at about 38 minutes in. If you watch it or saw it in person, the most benign way to describe it is that it’s the story of the monologist coercing a drunk woman into have sex with him, despite her repeatedly telling him that she did not want to and to leave her hotel room. The more accurate way to describe it, in my opinion, is as the chilling account of pseudo-rape, told by the perpetrator as if it was a funny thing that he saw on the subway.

Note that this was a discussion of rape, not “pseudo-rape,” but otherwise the article is a great analysis of how to deal with incidents like this in the comedic community. I didn’t watch the video because I thought it would just be too upsetting, but the comments make you believe the entire internet may not actually be assholes, as previously believed. 


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